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Novitex Enterprise Solutions is the leading provider of innovative, cloud-based solutions in the document outsourcing industry. By leveraging the end-to-end Integrated Document Life Cycle™ framework, our consultative approach and the right technology, Novitex and its 9,000 on-the-ground employees enable clients to free up valuable resources to drive their businesses forward. With more than 30 years of experience, Novitex has successfully implemented solutions for hundreds of clients, including the Fortune 500, across ten vertical markets .

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IBM SoftLayer

IBM SoftLayer is the leader in building state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, which is why we selected it to build our private and secure cloud-enabled framework.

"Our private and secure cloud will offer a robust foundation for focused growth and digital transformation," John Visentin, Executive Chairman and CEO, said. "For our clients, it will create a faster time-to-market and achieve the most cost-effective results."


ServiceNow is the enterprise IT cloud company that transforms information technology by automating and managing service relationships across the global enterprise. This is why Novitex has selected ServiceNow to support our cloud-based MPS offering.

"By leveraging ServiceNow’s asset management capabilities, Novitex is able to identify assets within an organization’s print environment, create individual records for each asset and provide proactive fleet management by monitoring each asset in real time to address their clients' needs," said Chris Pope, strategy leader, ServiceNow.