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About us

Novitex is a digital-first, document outsourcing provider that specializes in the Integrated Document Life Cycle™ (IDLC™).

Driven by Six Sigma methodology, the IDLC™ provides an end-to-end, cloud-enabled approach to business-critical services, ranging from delivery of targeted communications to document management to production. Our holistic approach empowers businesses to connect communication workflows at every stage, making them work faster, smarter and better.

Our 30 years of experience paired with our drive for constant innovation has made Novitex the go to provider for the Fortune 500 and government entities.

Focused service delivery

Recognizing that each industry has different challenges, we also offer expertise in 10 sectors:
  • Consumer Services
  • Energy
  • Federal Government
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • States
  • Universities

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Novitex At-A-Glance

30 Years of Experience
Fortune 500 Client Base
500 Clients
10,000 On-The-Ground Employees

A little bit of history
Novitex Enterprise Solutions was formed in 2013 following the acquisition of Pitney Bowes Management Services by Apollo Global Management. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions for office, document and communications management services. Our heritages, our innovative spirit and process engineering leadership and expertise thrives at Novitex.