Trust us with your office operations

Optimize office productivity, minimize security risks and reduce operating costs

For nearly 30 years, we've partnered with our private and public-sector clients to boost the efficiency of their business operations through innovative, technology enabled document management and customer communications products and services. The injection of Novitex's solutions experts, industry best practices and vendor-neutral technology has yielded up to 20-percent average annual cost savings for our clients. 

Integrate and optimize

Integrate and optimize

Novitex is your single source for innovative, proven Office Solutions that streamline cumbersome processes, leverage industry best practices and result in increased profitability for our clients. Novitex professionals are fully screened, pre-qualified and trained to deliver real value immediately upon joining your office team. Our experts will collaborate with you to identify opportunities for process improvement and implement measurable operational efficiencies. Novitex Office Solutions include:
  • Administrative support services
  • Reception and switchboard services
  • Conference room services
  • Concierge services
  • Facilities management services
  • Shuttle and courier services
  • Supplies management
  • Office moving services
  • Reprographics services
  • Mailroom management
  • Records management
  • Print/Copy center management
  • Onsite scanning services

We hire the right people, for the right job at the right time

Novitex brings verifiable experience and proven expertise in talent recruitment, screening and security clearance processing, specialized skills training and short-term and long-term staffing solutions. Our approach to office operations is tailored to support the unique needs and requirements of your office environment.   Our flexible pricing models and wide range of outsourcing options helps you more effectively manage and grow your business.

Control costs

Add efficiency, control costs

Novitex processes over 1.8 billion pieces of mail annually for government and private-industry clients. We manage over billion in postage for our clients.

As a U.S. Postal Service® certified workshare partner with connections to the largest U.S. mailers, we to help you to maximize all applicable postage discounts while increasing mailstream efficiency. Novitex leverages best-in-class address-management and return-mail systems, using USPS® NCOA database information to reduce return-mail postage, re-mailing costs, move-update costs, labor costs, and customer-service costs.  The measurable benefits to our clients include:
  • Cost savings
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Visibility into mail, postage spend, regulatory compliance
  • Reduced up to 60-percent reduction in return mail
  • Customer retention
Remain calm in a crisis: Our highly trained Secure Mail professionals will conduct a thorough audit of your mail-handling processes, mail-screening procedures and disaster recovery plan and training. Our customized mail and package screening services and facilities identify and address any mail security threats specific to your operations. Our business continuity mail centers provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your business communications will continue to flow during natural disasters, power outages and other unforeseen events. 

Empower your employees; reduce delays in responding to your customers. Novitex's Digital Mail hosted solution provides instant, safe and secure access to incoming mail and interoffice documents from the employee's desktop - regardless of location.

We take a leading-edge approach to incoming package management. Our Intelligent Locker Systems employ state-of-the-art technology to manage and track packages delivered to your premises. Intelligent lockers provide a complete chain of custody from the mail center to the end recipient. 

Your security. Our priority

Never lose sleep

With our range of custom services, you can trust us to keep your business running smoothly.

Inbound receivables process for items entering your facility; safely and securely.
How effectively your company receives shipments can have a major effect on your bottom line. We offer a secure receiving process for items entering your facility.

Vendors and courier management
for optimal cost and performance.
We give our clients a single point of contact for the service and support of their business equipment and courier services with our multi-vendor and courier management solution.

Enterprise-wide asset
tracking and management
We help you to streamline and automate asset management for enterprise-wide visibility and utilization.

Specialized outbound shipping services for hazardous materials and international customs compliance.
We employ certified professionals to handle hazardous materials entering your company. Our employees understand work hazards and know how to protect themselves and others in the event of an incident. We follow strict rules and regulations in the management of hazardous goods. From documentation, packaging, labeling and inspection to selecting the right carrier, we provide specialized services for all of our customers.

Novitex Secure Business Recovery Services can step up when yours goes down. Severe weather, utility disruptions, and heightened states of alert are examples of events that can stop your time-critical operations. But for your company's stakeholders—especially your customers—time and expectations carry on. With a fleet of our high-volume inserters, printers, high-speed data links, and experienced staff, we can respond to almost any crisis. We can keep your communications flowing transparently to minimize disruptions to clients and regulators alike.

Novitex Enterprise Solutions Recovery Services offers three service level alternatives to meet your needs:

  • Business Continuity Services: The Continuity Service is our premier "hot site" offer.  With this service, you not only gain access to all the resources that Novitex has to offer, but you get a guaranteed share of the facility. We limit the sale of services for this offer to 100% of our total capacity within a specific geography surrounding your own production facility. We design our service to achieve mail-out commitments for applications covered, and provide ongoing application testing with the Continuity level service.  As part of this offer we assign a project manager to work with your team so that we are ready to support you not only at the outset of our agreement, but as your applications change. This offer gives you security and assurances that you will maintain the ability to communicate with your customers through a broad range of unexpected events.
  • Business Recovery Services: The Business Recovery offer gives our customers an easy way to get print and mailing recovery services. Simply review our technology listing to determine operational compatibility, select the amount of equipment and number of shifts you would like coverage for, and sign up. At the time of disaster, Novitex will provide the operators and equipment to process your work. Access to the facility is granted on a "first come, first served" basis after commitments to Continuity Customers have been met (if required). As part of this offer we assign a project manager to work with your team to ensure that we are ready to support you not only at the outset of our agreement, but as your applications change.
  • DR Standby Services: DR Standby is a "warm-site" solution for companies with lower volumes and limited applications and equipment requirements. The service provides access to our Recovery Center in time of need and without the extensive pre-testing or support mechanism of our other offerings. DR Standby services are provided after commitments to either Continuity or Recovery customers have been fully met.


We take care of your business

Novitex is the partner of choice for many industry leading, Fortune 500 companies, including 30 of the largest U.S. banks.

Our mission

Novitex Enterprise Solutions is the industry-leading provider of the Integrated Document Life Cycle™ in the Document Outsourcing market. Novitex offers data-driven management of inbound and outbound documents for Fortune 500 companies and government institutions. Novitex processes 6.6 Billion multi-channel transactions each year, enabling greater digital transition for enterprise growth.
A perfect partnership
Novitex strives to be more than a service provider to its clients. Our goal is to develop a long-term business partnership that contributes to the strength and success of Novitex and its clients. We support your goals of prudent resource allocation and work-process optimization. Our approach is unique in that we take a holistic view of your entire business enterprise. After all, most work processes through which your business communications travel are connected.