Address Management

Minimize the cost of returned mail by catching errors before shipping.

Undeliverable-as-addressed mail can be a huge drain on your mailing spend. Control the chaos with Novitex's address management solutions.

Approximately, eight percent of all mail does not get delivered, amounting to 1.45 billion pieces of "undeliverable as addressed,” or UAA, mail annually. It would be easy to assume that end recipients update and/or correct their addresses for the important items, such as bank statements, insurance documents and tax forms. This is not always the case.

UAA mail is all mail that cannot be delivered to the name and address specified on the mailpiece, and must be forwarded, returned to sender or properly treated as waste, as authorized for the class of mail and ancillary service endorsement on the mailpiece. The actions required to process UAA mail create additional cost for the Postal Service and have an impact on postal operations. In addition, UAA mail affects the timeliness of mail delivery. Mail may be considered UAA because:

   ›    The individual, family, or business to which it is addressed has moved

   ›    The address is incomplete, incorrect, or illegible

   ›    The addressee is unknown or deceased

   ›    The addressee refuses or fails to claim the mail

   ›    The necessary postage has not been paid

At around $3 per mail piece, UAA mail can be a massive strain on a marketing budget. But you may not know exactly why your enterprise is experiencing undeliverable mail issues, exactly what they’re costing you, or even beyond that, how to address them.

Novitex Address Management solutions can provide your enterprise with peace of mind and significantly lower mailing costs. With us, you can:

   ›    Leverage the National Change of Address (NCOA) Link System to minimize your returned mail.

   ›    Automate a UAA mail solution, which will help enhance the accuracy of address lists and delivery rates.

   ›    Create a digital mail solution, ensuring that no matter what type of response your digital mail receive, the response will be accurately converted, and accessible in electronic format for all stakeholders

Before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) implemented programs to reduce returned mail, the agency sent roughly 200 million pieces of mail with 19.3 million pieces being returned each year. That is almost a 10% return rate. Having to resend these pieces resulted in unnecessary environmental waste and use of materials. Plus, the returned mail cost the IRS approximately $57.9 million.  Don’t let your enterprise follow in the footsteps of the IRS – contact Novitex today to find out how our address management solutions can work for you. 

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