Hoteling Support & Hospitality

Providing flexibility for the mobile workforce and cost savings for your organization

With our Hoteling Support & Hospitality solution, we can help your organization gain greater visibility into your utilization of space and streamline your day-to-day tasks. On any given workday at large corporations, nearly 50% of dedicated work stations could be empty. The rise of the mobile workforce is great for business in many ways, but it also means that companies need agility to meet the demands of mobile employees and important guests coming and going. Our cloud-based technical innovations and on-the-ground staffing services experts can accommodate your workforce and increase their productivity and overall satisfaction.

Key Benefits

Accommodate mobile employees

Through our online reservation system, employees have the ability to reserve a dedicated work area when they need to come into the office. This enables you to reduce your overhead costs while providing the flexibility desired by your workforce.

Enhance the visitor experience

Each of your office visitors has an associated, personalized profile which helps your team better anticipate their needs and completely customize their experience at your corporate locations. We combine our proprietary technology with our staffing services to provide solutions that effectively address your pain points.

Alleviate your strain on overhead and provide flexibility for a more mobile workforce with our technology driven Hospitality Support and Hoteling solutions.


Eliminate paper-based logs and checklists with our proprietary multi-tool application, PodTracker. The application is designed to help on-the-ground employees streamline services such as room sweeps and package tracking, and enables clients to track issues in real time, providing instant insight. Learn More About How PodTracker Works

Virtual Concierge

Our Virtual Concierge solution provides clients with access to professional receptionists who assist your visitors in making travel arrangements, checking-in to meetings, and finding local vendors from dedicated, remote locations.

On-site Staffing

Our expertly trained on-site staff uses our automated, proprietary technologies to support and optimize their daily tasks. This automation helps our on-the-ground staffing services employees streamline many of the services we perform for you.

Learn More About On-site Staffing


NoviMetrix, our web-based reporting dashboard, collects various forms of data and analytics, including customer volumes and trends and consolidates the information into detailed reports. Leverage real-time data to consistently analyze and optimize our performance. Learn More About NoviMetrix

Resolve Booking Conflicts

Office guests can pre-register or register their room or workspace for the day upon arrival, eliminating reservation mix-ups or overbookings. Data collected is then fed to our internal systems, allowing us to better serve your mobile workforce.

Improve Room Sweeps

Better manage the services needed for any designated office space, from conference rooms to workstations. Our hoteling support technology can provide customized checklists for daily information regarding the condition of equipment and office spaces to help ensure optimal efficiency.

Gain complete visibility into your workflows.

Novitex’s proprietary application PodTracker, shown to the right, enables employees to track their workflows, while authorized personnel are given access to a secure, encrypted website that provides real-time access to data collected through the application. This data then feeds into our web-based reporting platform NoviMetrix, which provides visibility into a project's status, metrics and issues, helping you to completely maximize visitor experiences and optimize efficiencies.

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As an independent provider, our integrated offerings drive maximum efficiency and savings. Recommended solutions include:

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Jim Calhoun has over 23 years of experience in providing information technology services to a variety of industries. Calhoun is a subject matter expert on workflow optimization, print, imaging, and cost recovery systems.

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Our white-glove service provides dedicated support, so your team can focus on productivity. As part of this service Novitex offers:

Dedicated relationship managers
Strategic business reviews
Industry and trend updates
Continuous optimization

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