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Streamlined workflows are at the core of industry-leading manufacturing. That's why Novitex is dedicated to providing services and technology-driven solutions to drive leaner enterprises.

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Mail Management

Mail accounts for more than 9 percent of operating costs for Fortune 500 companies and impacts your organization's productivity and efficiency. Our comprehensive portfolio of mailroom automation solutions and Six Sigma experts can transform your mailroom.

Managed Print Services

As an independent provider, Novitex is able to offer an array of equipment, managed print services and solutions that may be customized to your needs, with a cloud-enabled service automation platform that can streamline your printer fleet.

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Your commitment to meeting the PCI Data Security Standard requires expertise in compliance and processing. Our document scanning services give you that assurance and control with every type of document, from accounts payable and HR forms to contracts.

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To help bring more attention to this mail center security, Novitex has compiled three preventative measures that can be taken to help secure your corporate mail center, while maintaining efficiency of workflow at the same time.


Why Implementing an End-to-End CCM Solution Should be on Every Enterprise’s To-Do List

While you may assume that most businesses have implemented systems to streamline communication processes and eliminate manual work related to mass, customized customer communications – many have not. Here's why they should:


3 Frequently Asked Questions about Intelligent Lockers

Whatever they may be, the day-to-day habits of students and employees in 2017 have made traditional mail delivery workflows less tenable, and have created a need for creative solutions to deliver inbound communications. But there is a way forward.