Optimize your capital while improving student and alumni satisfaction.

Educational institutions are facing increasing operating costs and evolving student needs. Our communications management services and solutions, ranging from mailroom services to application processing to records management, help support the student experience.

Take a focused approach to document management and document outsourcing while reducing expenses and increasing efficiencies.

Marketing Communications Management

Each year, educational institutions send millions of communications to alumni, prospects and students. We can help you communicate your messages more efficiently with customized communication management services and solutions.

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Mailroom Management

Campus mailrooms are becoming increasingly overloaded with online orders. Our mailroom management solution minimizes student wait time and improves the student experience by optimizing operations and infusing best-in-class technology.

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Address Management

Approximately 24 percent of Americans move each year and many do not file a change-of-address. How many are your alumni? Our address verification and return mail solutions significantly reduce costs and increase the deliverability of your mail. Learn More about Address Management

Print Production

Preparing for application season involves producing everything from brochures to forms. Often, printed materials are applicants’ first impressions of your university. Leverage our secure, state-of-the-art production centers to improve the quality of your admissions materials.

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Records Management

Managing student records efficiently and securely is a back office task that frequently distracts educational institutions from their core objectives. We capture and store records utilizing a comprehensive, end-to-end process that results in increased quality control and precision.

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