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We provide leaders within the energy industry with managed printing services for bills, streamlined records management solutions for compliance and HR records, and business process outsourcing services for the more accurate, secure and economical processing of business-critical documents.

Achieve stronger compliance and higher productivity with our customized printing and business process solutions.

Print Production

Statement printing shouldn't lower your cost efficiency or productivity. With our automated print production capabilities, you can maintain printing levels without negatively affecting your budget or on-site resources.

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Reception Services

Providing a welcoming, professional environment, our receptionist staff members have industry-specific training and are dedicated to your organization.

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Export Compliance

The Department of Energy's regulations related to export controls have a significant impact on your operations. Novitex services can cost-effectively streamline compliance processes.

Records Management

As part of a highly regulated industry, you need auditable document management for client contracts, export forms and HR files. Our records management solutions provide the tools and resources to keep you on track and compliant with records retention.

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Receptionist & Lobby Experience: Solution Brief

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News & Insights

Exela Technologies, Inc., a Publicly Traded Company, Completes Business Combination with SourceHOV and Novitex

“We are excited to announce the public launch of Exela and look forward to exercising our global reach, deep domain expertise, and increased IP investments to serve our current and future clients”, said Ronald Cogburn, CEO, Exela Technologies, Inc.


The Imaging Channel - Moving Towards End-to-End CCM Solutions: Creating a Seamless Customer Experience with Communications is More Crucial than Ever

Communications are a prominent part of the customer experience. When communications are accurate, delivered across the customer’s preferred channel, & contain relevant offers for additional services, they help to create a positive experience.


Hypothetical Use Case: The Disaster-Prepared Enterprise Vs. the Unprepared

What would happen to your business if you lost all your customer and account data? It’s a nightmarish situation for any business stakeholder to consider. Thankfully, it’s an addressable one, too.