Our white-glove services can help support your firm's needs from records management to word processing.

Cost-reducing document scanning services, word processing, managed print services and our other legal business solutions create efficiencies, helping firms streamline their critical document and production workflows.

Have more time for client service and firm growth by letting us handle services that provide support throughout your firm.

Managed Print Services

You may have multiple offices with numerous printers, many of which are unused or inefficient. Our white-glove solution optimizes your printing function and reduces costs by allowing chargeback to clients. Attorneys can focus on important tasks and billable hours instead of printer management.

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eDiscovery Services

Firms that aren't in compliance with federal eDiscovery rules can incur heavy fines. Novitex helps you capture best practices and maximize infrastructure across numerous projects, for consistency and control in your eDiscovery.

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Records Management

In today's legal environment, attorneys need a process that allows them to find information quickly, when they need it. Our records management solution offers efficient, streamlined support for numerous formats for automated, digitized records.

Reception Services

A welcoming, professional environment reflects well on your organization and sets a tone that lasts from first impression to client referrals. We provide receptionist and conference room management staff who are dedicated to your firm and reputation.

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Scanning & Indexing

Document scanning services give you assurance, security and control with every type of document. We work with you to develop a document digitization solution that converts only business-critical documents, resulting in reduced costs and heightened compliance.

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Intelligent Lockers

Novitex's Intelligent Lockers are a simple, secure and easy-to-use automated package delivery, storage and retrieval system that help to simplify your internal package management workflows. ​ Learn More About Intelligent Lockers

Word Processing

Your data-intensive enterprise relies on meticulous, fast word processing services that provide support throughout a firm. Our professionals are chosen for their high levels of proficiency, editing expertise and legal knowledge.

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Legal Link

Legal Link is an integrated, digital platform that has been designed and customized with the unique needs of our Legal clients in mind. It connects people via any device to the data and tools they need in order to do their most significant work. Learn More About Legal Link

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