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3 Ways to Economize Your Enterprise Postage from our Expert, Christine J. Erna

Reducing mailroom spends like those focused on procuring postage, may sound like a somewhat trivial concern to someone tasked with running an enterprise-level business organization. But, to the contrary, squeezing every last bit of efficiency, and thus, the maximum amount of profits out of every business process an enterprise undertakes is a chief concern of most everyone involved with managing businesses of any size. A penny saved is a penny earned as they say, and when an enterprise process, like procuring postage for mission-critical communications is in question, saving even a penny or two per stamp can create unbelievable savings in a high-volume, enterprise mail setting.

Today, in support of those incredibly valuable efforts, we wanted to supply you with 3 ways (and 1 bonus way) that your enterprise can create massive value by economizing your postage, courtesy of our resident subject matter expert, Christine. J Erna.

  • House Holding
  • Pre-Sort
  • Outsource Mail Operations to Leverage Vendor Economies of Scale
  1. House Holding: House Holding is the idea that for promotional mailings, all members of a household can be grouped together in order to send a single mail piece or package per mailing address. Likely, your promotion will only apply to one or two members of the household, perhaps the person who does the grocery shopping, or secures service providers like internet and cable, as a couple of examples. This way, you allow the people within the household itself to figure out who that promotion applies to, instead of sending three or even five separate promotions to the same address.
  2. Pre-sort: Pre-sort is a concept that is growing quickly in popularity with even low-volume mailers, and for good reason too. By sorting outgoing mail by zip code ahead of the actual send, you can take advantage of cheaper bulk rates on postage. When you repeat this process with every mailing you do, massive savings become generated overtime. Doesn’t sound like something your mailroom could handle? There are external vendors who can do the job for you.
  3. Outsource Mail Operations to Leverage Vendor Economies of Scale: Similar to the last point, many of the ways that enterprises can save on postage (and on mail costs in general), is to outsource to an organization that is expert in the field, and can handle your mail needs in a best-in-breed manner. Outsourcing your mail needs allows your employees to focus on the core areas of your business, while you collaborate with an expert in those other areas; driving savings through volume and economies of scale. And you’ll even get an expert business partner, driving innovation at the same time.
  4. Bonus: Business Recovery Services: While it is not an outright cost-savings initiative like the above three tips, one added benefit of outsourcing some or all of your mail needs is that you protect yourself from potential business disasters. If one or more of your locations suffers a work stoppage due to adverse weather conditions, a power outage, or other unforeseeable event, your outsourced mail partner can keep business-critical operations like the mailing of invoices, bills, or other documents flowing smoothly the entire time. Saving you time and money, and keeping revenue streaming in all the while. In fact, over the past five years, financial losses due to server downtime related to weather-related emergencies has cost businesses more than $70 million in delayed or lost revenue; meaning that including business recovery solutions that keep your processes flowing, even in the event of an emergency, within your operational strategy, is almost like having a second, even better, insurance policy.

When it comes to postage for your enterprise, just like with anything else, with a little creative thinking, and an understanding of the options available to you, huge value can be created.

Christine J. Erna Director, Postal Affairs, Novitex Enterprise Solutions: Christine J. Erna has more than 25 years of experience in direct mail marketing, design, analysis, USPS compliance and training, including 18 years with the USPS as a mail piece design analyst. She combines extensive knowledge with Six Sigma process strategies to help improve end-to-end mailing processes.

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