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5 Ways our Proprietary Applications Flexibly Support Evolving Enterprises

Connected devices, mobile employees, and agile workforce management have shaped personnel and office space management trends in 2016. From hoteling, to the advent of the mobile workforce, to shared work spaces and service delivery models, there are numerous trends that are negating the traditional ways that businesses would normally manage themselves. While the benefits of these changes are tangible, they naturally present a a new set of fresh issues for business managers.

Couple these changes to the way we work, with the day-to-day management of a large enterprise; incoming and outgoing documents, incoming and outgoing employees and clients, room reservations, schedule changes, impromptu calls and status updates, all create a frenetic, intense environment that can be tough to manage in an optimized, efficient-as-possible manner. The speed at which business is evolving, combined with the pace that business is conducted, has created a need for innovative ways to manage employees and office spaces. To successfully overcome these new barriers the integration of new, innovative technologies are needed.

Enter, our proprietary applications, PodTracker and NoviMetrix.

Our Lead Developer Jim Calhoun has been incredibly prescient in his design of these applications; creating and refining for years functionalities and features that more clients ask for every month. Drawing upon his 30 years of experience in providing information technology services to a variety of industries, it makes sense that Calhoun would have a solid handle on the unique, evolving needs of business enterprises, and how to support them through technology-based solutions.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways PodTracker and NoviMetrix help enterprises run in efficient ways, while providing actionable data feedback and analytics along the way.

Key Operational Verifications: We’re on-site at hundreds of client locations from coast-to-coast, performing dozens of business-critical operations, from mail room management, to reception, to managed print services. How can a busy manager to make sure we’re completing every item in our SLA’s in a best-in-breed, timely fashion every time?


Anything that previously would have been manually verified, or physically recorded in management checklists, now exists digitally on our PodTracker application. Designed for use on the iPad for an easy-to-read experience while on the move, PodTracker is our way for clients to keep us accountable; while simultaneously, the data that is collected daily is compiled and analyzed by both our service delivery teams, and our client’s, to find further cost savings.

Custom KPI Dashboards: What data is collected within PodTracker? There are hundreds of enterprises already running their own PodTracker and NoviMetrix dashboards, but no two companies are running identical application interfaces. This is because each and every one of these applications is configured in a custom way. The KPIs that we put in place for each client, come from the SLA itself. Whatever metrics our client wants to track, we can integrate them into our customized dashboards. There are a huge range of KPIs we measure for clients, for example: volumes of inbound/outbound mail, to number of copies made per day, to the number of toner cartridges used per month,and print machinery defects/time to fix.

One client of ours, who we are currently building a custom PodTracker dashboard for, is the government of a well-known Midwestern American city. One KPI they’re interested in measuring? The daily revenue and volume of use of every postage meter in the entire city. This is something we have the capabilities to provide.

Automatically Integrated with NoviMetrix: PodTracker is used for a variety of purposes; from room sweeps and reservations, to package chain-of-custody tracking, to verifications that our managed print, and other services are completed on-time. The integration with NoviMetrix is as follows. Data is fed automatically into NoviMetrix, which can all then be used to subsequently analyze all of that data with visual representation, to make actionable improvements.

The applications function in tandem with one another, and create an incredibly powerful system for both operational tracking, and evaluation for improvements. By analyzing the data that is collected daily within PodTracker, trends can be tracked, and actions can be taken to cut costs and streamline services.

Hospitality 360: While one main component of PodTracker is to track and record all KPIs that we or our client find important, the other component is mobile workforce management and hoteling/hospitality support. Designed to provide a superior work experience for mobile employees, this unique set of technologies gives mobile workers access to office resources when they need them. Traveling workers can easily reserve office space, conference rooms or workstations, and their team will be automatically notified of their location. We’re even working on other integrated hospitality features like local deli or restaurant integration for streamlined food orders.

‘A-Ha Moments’: Tying it all together are the improvements that daily data collection, aggregation, and analytics unlock. Jim refers to these times as ‘a ha moments’, where patterns or trends in KPIs begin to appear, allowing us to both better serve our clients, and help provide increased cost savings. For instance, say we have a headcount of 10 on a given office location. Our SLA with the client stipulates that all packages that arrive before noon must be delivered by 1PM, so 80% of our on-site headcount is devoted to that particular task, at those particular times of day. We can then review a number of week-over-week, or month-over-month data sets and see that allotting 80% of our headcount to this work means that all packages are effectively delivered only 15 minutes after 12PM.

We could then take this type of data, and free up two additional employees to handle other work during the 12 to 1PM time frame. All the packages will still be delivered in line with the requirements of our SLA with this client, and employees will be able to more efficiently continue on with other work. All because of the KPIs that PodTracker allows us to collect, and NoviMetrix allows us to analyze.

While the insights these applications provide to our clients in terms of the work we do for them are incredibly important, the most valuable aspect is how we are able to analyze and improve ourselves.

The way that business is conducted is rapidly changing in 2016. While the benefits of agile work forces, and shared-services models of delivery provide incredible, tangible benefits, these business transitions create the need for new solutions as well. 

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