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Don’t Let a Mail Hoax Disrupt Your Business

There are millions of businesses that rely on mailroom services. The majority of these organizations only have a few people who are responsible for mail center-type operations, including security checks. Of these millions of businesses, there are thousands of large, complex corporate mail center operations that need to be fulfilled and many instances where something could go wrong. Consider the following scenario.

A package arrives in your mailroom. A plain box, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s only after it’s delivered to your employee’s desk that it’s found to contain a mysterious, potentially harmful substance. It may be a hoax, but there’s no way to be sure. So what happens next? Your building is evacuated, emergency services is called, and your entire company operations are stuck at a complete standstill. Without a security solution in place, it could be days before you resume business as normal.

But here’s how the story goes with Novitex’s mailroom services. That same package arrives in your mailroom, managed by Novitex postal experts. The package undergoes a routine screening: visual, x-ray, radiological, canine. Our employees trained in secure mailroom solutions quickly identify the red flags of a suspicious package and contact the authorities. The substance is determined to be a hoax, and the issue is resolved without disrupting your business for even a minute.

This isn’t just a hypothetical situation. The leader in mailroom automation, digitization, and mailroom management, Novitex helps keep many of its clients secure and operational every single day. When a contaminant mail hoax was sent to a leading global investment bank, Novitex mailroom employees onsite handled the issue swiftly, avoiding a four-hour disaster recovery process and saving the company approximately $8MM.

Secure mail solutions not only help to keep your employees safe, but also protect your business from ruinous down-time. Discover our full suite of our mailroom services, from tracking and security to automated presorting and mailpiece design.

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