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Novitex Enterprise Solutions: Our History

To commemorate our 3rd Anniversary as Novitex Enterprise Solutions, we wanted to share a brief history of our company and show how far we've come through the investments in our people, process and technology over these last three years. 

Novitex formed in the fall of 2013, when the Managed Services division of Pitney Bowes was acquired by Apollo Global Management. Apollo selected John Visentin, who brings extensive experience managing multibillion dollar business units in the IT services industry to the role, as CEO and Executive Chairman.

Since inception, John and the rest of the Novitex Executive Committee moved quickly to revolutionize the company they had recently rebranded. In October of 2013, only weeks after assuming control of the company from Pitney Bowes, the Committee began meeting with clients about the challenges they were facing, and what could be done do to provide them with even more supportive service in line with those evolving issues.

Novitex Executives then took this information they had gained from talks with clients, and in February of 2014, introduced the Integrated Document Life Cycle™; a first-to-market information management framework that allows clients to capture inherent synergies between our services in five stages; Multi-channel Receipt, Capture, Data Extraction, Intelligent Data and Production. “The Integrated Document Life Cycle™ offers a 360-degree view of the document, as it travels in and out of the enterprise, with the goal of identifying innovations that make processes faster, better and smarter,” said John Visentin.

With the IDLC™ as a guiding principle for providing services in a new, holistic way, Novitex transformed itself to include other solution offerings like Mail Management, Hospitality & Hoteling Support, Communications Management, Business Process Automation, Off-Site Print Production, Scanning & Indexing, Business Recovery Services, Word & Document Processing and more. Designed by industry experts with Six Sigma methodologies, these solutions always reflect the changing needs of those clients Novitex serves, and as we evolved, the company became the leading provider of cloud-based solutions in the document outsourcing industry.

With this approach, Novitex is able to implement comprehensive solution strategies for clients, unique within the siloed document outsourcing industry, and link together multiple workflows that had previously been segmented by department. Without Novitex, and this unique approach, clients would still need to utilize multiple outsourcing vendors if they wanted to address issues in more than one operational area; a common challenge that the Executive Committee had heard repeatedly in conversations with clients, and actively worked to eliminate.

In November of that year, Novitex partnered with IBM to be able to provide cloud-based, connective support for our offerings. Leveraging the IBM Softlayer Cloud Computing technology’s scalable and secure infrastructure to support Novitex’s industry leading document outsourcing solutions, allowed us to offer revolutionary cloud-based Document Management and Managed Print services. With this added cloud connectivity capability earned via partnership with IBM, additional cybersecurity practices were implemented. In support of these new cloud and information protection initiatives, Novitex added Anthony Dupree as Chief Information Security Officer, who brings with him decades of Military and Cyber Security experience to his role.

March of 2015 marked the opening of the MegaCenter East; an industry leading, cloud-connected document and mail processing facility that serves as a multi-function print production facility; the industry’s first to leverage secure cloud technology to facilitate automated production – enabling clients to achieve the highest level of efficiency and scale when creating, distributing and digitizing documents. ISO 27001/2, SSAE – 16, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and HITECH certified, and redundantly secure, MegaCenter East is utilized to manage business-critical communications, allowing clients to adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements, and quickly prioritize actionable jobs, while driving down costs.

By November of 2015, with the cloud-based support infrastructure, and an industry-leading print and mail facility securely in place, Novitex introduced the Connect Platform; a communications management solution that combines the company’s proprietary document production technology, with Six Sigma methodology and industry expertise to automate the personalization, production and distribution of a range of physical and electronic documents. This solution allows Novitex the ability to link our services together for clients, insofar as they can design and produce documents, and subsequently send them via cloud-connectivity to Novitex MegaCenters as needed, all within Connect; an end-to-end, connected document management environment.

Already on-site at many Fortune 500 and AmLaw 200 companies, as well as several government entities, the future looks open and bright for Novitex. As the needs of clients across verticals continue to evolve, Novitex will do the same alongside them; continuing to deliver the types of best-in-class solutions, services, products and technologies that Novitex clients have come to expect.

While we move further away from our roots at Pitney Bowes, and as Novitex continues to innovate and evolve, our mission will always remain the same; redefine document outsourcing for the connected age, and design custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with the way you do business; streamlining workflows, and improving your bottom line.

*Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License CC-BY-SA

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