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Three Questions to Help Create Personalized Customer Communications

Personalized communication is the best way – some would say the only way – to strengthen existing customers’ loyalty experience, attract new ones and increase sales. New revenue, especially from returning clients, can drive profits to the bottom-line. It’s not hard to see why this has become a recent trend in marketing:

  • When asked to prioritize the most important aspect in the future of marketing, 33 percent of marketers answered “personalization.”
  • 78 percent of customers want personalized content.
  • Personalized emails have about six times higher transaction rates.
  • 73 percent of consumers prefer brands that use personal information to enhance their shopping experiences.

Personalized communications can optimize customer touchpoints across every department and business unit of an organization. Only by applying higher levels of communication intelligence to every step of the customer communication process can an organization provide mass personalization while increasing revenue and reducing costs.

To effectively implement personalized communications, businesses require new kinds of intelligence to answer the important questions:

  • What kinds of communication will customers find most relevant, and what will make them respond? How is this significant to them?
  • How can personalized customer information successfully integrate into my company’s physical and electronic communications? How should these communications change based on the medium?
  • What are the best ways to engage and connect with customers through multiple channels? Which channels work best for specific customers?

Although these questions are broad and require in-depth analysis, companies that answer these three questions can create an effective communication platform that will deliver greater productivity and profitability.

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