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A Winning Service Delivery Renewal for An AM Law 150 Firm


Dykema Gossett is a national AmLaw 150 law firm that specializes in serving business entities worldwide on a wide range of complex business issues.

Exela is a longtime provider of a variety of services to more than 70 percent of Dykema’s offices. While service delivery varied by office, Exela service offerings included copy, fax, mail, managed print services (MPS), CD/DVD duplication, as well as scanning supply management, reception, and hospitality services – all delivered on-site at firm locations by experienced Exela Service Delivery associates.

As a supplier of solutions and services to best in-class enterprises and law firms, Exela is dedicated to earning the trust and continued business of our clients every day – maintaining close, information-sharing relationships with firm management to track both their evolving needs, and our corresponding performance. As a five-year renewal period approached, Exela Service Delivery Managers and the Legal Vice President continued to work closely with Dykema to understand new and evolving ways to enhance and grow our services. This way, collaboratively, we could transform our delivery strategies to adhere to evolving needs of a modern law practice, and earn this client’s business all over again.


By working on-site every day, Exela gained a deep understanding of Dykema’s goals, winning a five-year renewal which includes:

  • Competitive market price values while continuing to use best business practices
  • High-quality service to improve performance levels
  • Technology upgrades to remain current and innovative technology solutions capable of automating processes, right-sizing staffing, and maintain in-depth quality control metrics
  • Experienced and cross-trained on-site personnel capable of utilizing best-practices to provide white-glove service in multiple locations
  • Standardized, right-sized equipment platform with flexibility options managed by a single point-of-contact across all locations

Understanding Dykema’s vision to transform services, Exela retrained its staff, and introduced new technology and workflow support rather than hiring and training a entirely new workforce.

Instead of implementing an entirely new fleet of print and multi-function devices, maintaining cost savings and assessing technology, we were able to recommend a right-sized solution encompassing all of their print output needs.

With this starting point in mind, Exela architects put together a solution that was broken down by our three tenets – people, process, and technology – to paint a holistic picture of how our integrated solutions leverage all three aspects to drive continual and increasing savings, delivery improvements, and service refinements to this client for the next five years.


  • Retain existing staff, maintaining more than 200 years of combined experience at Dykema
  • Proven procedures and methodologies gained from serving more than 400 clients
  • Continued access to our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Commitment to staff training and development through our state-of-the-art Employee Learning Center  


  • Continue our Integrated People, Process & Technology Service Delivery approach – using technology to make people more effective
  • Six Sigma experts to analyze, review, and improve our performance
  • Continue to turn isolated systems and processes into a single, streamlined communication approach  


  • Stage new equipment installation
  • Optimize MFDs with a new Canon Solution
  • Integrate PodTracker into more locations and processes
  • Exela Innovation Days
  • An augmented Managed Print Services solution 
  • Cross-training optimization

Because our newly-developed solution placed an emphasis on an increased use of tech-enabled solutions, we made sure to maintain a laser-focus on compliance. Specifically in certain industries, including the legal one, business process automation must be more than efficient and scalable. When we implement this type of solution for clients operating in highly regulated verticals, we adhere to strict confidentiality standards and support industry-specific regulations, such as PCI.

To specifically elaborate on the augmented staff training that made this robust solution possible experience shows that the development of detailed training manuals and the delivery of extensive employee training are key to outputting high-quality project deliverables. All employees are required to undergo an extensive multi-track training program prior to being assigned new responsibilities on any client site, including this one. We incorporate extensive training of all employees working on each client project into our QA program – The Exela Learning Center.

All new employees are thoroughly educated to understand Exela’s vision and values, basic operations, security procedures, quality standards, and confidentiality requirements.

“Exela’s track record of success with our company, fair pricing and solution offerings made this the right choice for the future of our organization,” said Marie Hoppe, Dykema Gossett. “In addition to continuing to benefit from the services this team provides, we are excited to enhance and optimize our managed print services capabilities following this renewal.”


Benefits of the winning proposal included:

  • Retaining the tenured, experienced Exela team
  • Access to proprietary technology used by Exela to drive success in AmLaw 200 firms as well as the $100MM R&D investment Exela has made over the three years before this renewal
  • First year equipment savings of 15%
  • Overall savings on labor of 10%
  • $50,000 in Exela Innovation Credits to use on new Six Sigma strategies and consulting, and on SMEs and industry experts to evaluate and provide recommendations on Word Processing and Records Management
  • A 27% savings on transactional click rates through the Exela Managed Print Services (MPS) Program

Cumulatively, this winning proposal provided Dykema total annual savings of 15%, and total savings over the life of the contract totaling more than a million dollars. All of which was made possible by a deep understanding of this client’s needs, our operational capabilities, and ability to improve over time – saving this client increasing amounts of capital as our relationship increased in length.

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