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Streamlining Print Operations and Enabling Stronger Communications Compliance for a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company


A multinational, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company with a global footprint, including the U.S., 155 total countries and a number of European markets.  


Beginning in 2013, this client was transitioning into a new phase – moving some business units off the books while expanding into others.

In the pharmaceutical industry, transitional changes at the organizational level are not uncommon. These type of mergers, however, often leave companies with multiple, divergent legacy systems. In this case, these types of changes left this company with a siloed, decentralized enterprise-level print program leaving the client with inefficient external and internal-facing print operations.

Instead of having a combination of vendors handle their various print needs, the client sought a single outsourcing partner who could comprehensively handle all of their marketing print in the U.S., as a single, end-to-end provider. Due to our existing, long term relationship, and history of making proactive improvements to our services and their operations, Novitex earned this print business - taking over the management of print operations for their national footprint.


The company faced several print challenges due to siloed internal and external processes. Through our in-depth analysis of the current state print environments, we were able to develop a solution that could provide the supply chain construction, value engineering, and thought-leadership needed to help this client navigate the change while creating savings along the way. We devised our solution along our proven pillars of people, process, and technology.

People. Novitex assigned a number of experienced Print Managers to the account. Through best practices and rooted knowledge in pharmaceuticals industry, we were able to build an optimized supply chain that categorized their specific print requirements, focused on the efficiency of distribution points, and enabled the economic geographic distribution of materials. During development, our on-site Print Managers and Buyers were even considered de facto members of the client’s internal creative services and marketing teams – providing the print-specific knowledge and recommendations needed to optimize the new print workflow.

Process. To address the client’s processes – with internal business communications and external-facing print being produced disparately – we took a hard look at operations through the lens of Six Sigma. After conducting an analysis of the current-state of operations, we began to build a sustainable model for their print operations which:

  • Standardized procedures
  • Implemented workflow protocols
  • Streamlined their client satisfaction and invoicing processes.

This in-turn standardized print spends, optimized workflows, and helped to enable the highest possible quality outputs at consistent prices.

Technology. Tying together our solution we integrated Novitex Connect – our digital storefront, procurement technology. Implementing this tool provided the client with access to a digital storefront, an ecommerce-like platform, for the production of business communications and optimized vendor sourcing; effectively linking the two previously disconnected prongs of their print program. Using Novitex Connect, we were able to efficiently manage a dedicated print network for this client consisting of their two internal print centers for business communications, our own network of digital document processing Document Solution Centers and MegaCenters, as well as 22-24 external vendors to handle the most specialized external-facing marketing print work. Using this type of sourcing tool for procurement standardized the client’s bidding processes, streamlined internal material approval processes for regulated marketing materials, (for collateral that is regulated by the FDA), and addressed the quality control processes in both areas; internal and external-facing print.

Through Connect, we bid the client’s external jobs to no less than 5 vendors per job – using our proprietary guidelines and in-depth knowledge of the industry to find the best supplier in terms of market averages and quality of outputs. We also provided ourselves with the ability to manage and procure materials for internal-facing business communications at the client’s two proprietary print centers - creating a unified, two-pronged approach to print production for this company. Business communications were efficiently created and economically distributed, and external facing; complicated, regulated marketing communications were produced compliantly, affordably, and effectively.


Novitex currently manages the entirety of the U.S.-based marketing print for this pharmaceutical company, and also manages two of their additional print centers, which are purposed for internal business communications.

Last year alone, Novitex was able to provide $2.8 million dollars in savings for their nationwide print program; knocking 14% off of their overall marketing print spend in years past.

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