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Transforming the Lobby Experience for a Worldwide Computer Software & Hardware Company


A worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions with a large and distributed US-based campus, and satellite offices across the globe.


Novitex had been on-site managing the mail operations for this client for nearly two decades. We had designed scalable, comprehensive mail security, routing, and delivery solutions completely unique to the needs of the company, and had demonstrated our abilities to help them solve highly complex business problems.

For example, the company’s massive pivot from a software supplier, to a hardware supplier left antiquated processes of mail distribution, shipping and receiving open for optimization. For Novitex, this meant transitioning our strategy from a centrally managed operations with fixed routes and schedules to an agile model making specific accommodations for business critical groups. In order to facilitate such a change in delivery, Novitex did extensive research with business groups to ensure we understood their needs, recognized their opportunities and gained a strong alignment with their process to minimize business impact with the changes in the operating model.

We tackled a number of logistical issues during this transition. Engineers and technicians were spread across an incredibly large campus, and needed logistics support in real time. This minute-to-minute logistical support was only the first directive. Further complicating the solution, the new strategy had to be implemented in a secure, scalable, and compliant way for both exports and imports. Our efficient pivot to a spoke delivery system with multiple delivery points, from a hub-based one, was able to meet all of these needs.

Our new strategy was implemented in such a successful way that we were asked to supply a long-term roadmap of how we could expand our services on-site.

In collaboration with the client, we identified a number of other areas within the business where there was room for improvement. We mutually agreed that the next initiative was to improve the lobby experience – otherwise referred to as reception. The client was experiencing some challenges with inconsistencies across the campus environment and brought in a Hospitality Consulting team, which helped facilitate our discovery and solution recommendation processes.


To build our recommendations for successful improvement, we interviewed each of the 175 receptionists on-site to discover what circumstances reinforced their service and connection to the client; and what obstacles created impediments to service excellence.

What we discovered:  

  • Reception staff had no uniform dress code
  • There was a lack of knowledge about client culture and events
  • Inconsistent practices and operating procedures were being executed across the different 93 lobby environments
  • Reception staff registered an average of 1,841 visitors per day
  • Reception staff booked an average of 425 conference rooms per day

As a result of this exploration, we identified several opportunities for the client to enhance their guests’ impressions of the lobby experience.

Among the first new initiatives we implemented was an apparel program that introduced high standards of dress, style guidelines, and a focus on the client brand – in order to make the receptionists easily recognizable to guests while mirroring the client’s brand personality.

To address inconsistent guest experiences across campus buildings, we implemented a number of training and education programs for our employees, designed holistically around the culture, needs, and specific expectations of this particular client. We helped to educate employees on Customer Focus, Listening with Skill, Understanding Workplace Diversity, Communicating Across Cultures, Dealing with Angry Callers and more.

Key to the success of our strategy was the creation of a Training and Developing Manager role. This individual was to be a leader who would create a stronger connection between our employees and our client’s brand through training programs aimed at skill, culture, and behavioral components. This included assessing developmental needs, implementing programs, measuring successes, and creating scalable training solutions for employees based on need.

Improvements yielded by these changes have been impressive. The results we achieved were not only positive, but everything is now being driven by the leadership at the proper benchmark levels, and our employees fit in better-than-ever with this client’s culture of continually challenging the status quo, and continuous improvements. Specific results connected to our solutions include:

  • 94% of newly surveyed guests report excellent service
  • 100% of on-site survey commentary is now positive
  • Check-in times have decreased from 00:01:53 to 00:01:23
  • Turnover has dropped approximately 15%, from 63% to 48%

The hospitality experience for this client now checks every criteria they have for defining a successful lobby experience –from a client, visitor, and employee perspective.

To further evaluate the effectiveness of the new ‘Lobby Host Program’, we also implemented ‘mystery shoppers’. These shoppers visited the lobbies of our client sites and measured their experience regarding our ability to execute chosen standards of service, as well as provided subjective opinions on their engagement with our reception team.

Ultimately, after our discovery and implementation phases were completed, we can now report an above 87% favorability rating in terms of the solutions we have designed for this client – due almost entirely to the quality and dedication of the people we have placed with them.


The transformation of this client’s Lobby Host program has been so successful that we are now in a proof-of-concept phase for our global reception implementation initiative to their other 300 international locations over the next 18 months.

Through our focused work for this client and strong partnership, we were able to turn a challenge into a true operational strength; and continue to do so for them and others today.

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