Mailroom Management

Let us help you optimize your mail management strategies.

Novitex has been the #1 mailroom management service provider for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies for over 30 years.  We can help reduce the costs associated with your in-house mail processes and transform your inbound mail receipt procedures.

Mail accounts for approximately 9% of all operating costs for Fortune 500 companies. Your organization can drive down those costs by implementing a Mailroom Management solution with Novitex. We can improve your mail systems, saving you money as we increase security, deliverability, digital conversion, sorting, administration, and more.

Our solutions for Mailroom Management include:

›    Implementation of Package Tracking Apps

›    Intelligent Lockers

›    Utilizing Mail Data & Metrics to Optimize Processes

Our proprietary Mailroom Management solutions provide stronger chain of custody tracking, a reduction in mail run completion time, better loss prevention of high value packages/products, and an increase in labor efficiencies.

Highlighted Solutions:


Our proprietary PodTracker application can provide improved internal package tracking through our intuitive user interface facilitated through hand-held data collection devices, email notifications, signature capture and in-depth reporting for the tracking of mail, parcels, property, files or people. With PodTracker, employees receive a customized tablet that enables them to track their workflows, while authorized personnel are given access to a secure, encrypted website that provides real-time data collected through the devices.


Data captured from PodTracker will be immediately uploaded into NoviMetrix, our proprietary online dashboard that collects various data and metrics, providing clients with instant visibility into our existing mailroom management services at their corporate sites. This technology allows for the monitoring of real-time metrics and also enables us to proactively respond to new service opportunities, while optimizing our current processes.

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