Marketing Communications Management

Targeted, effective client communications.

Communicate your marketing messages more effectively with full insights into who your clients are and what they want.

Key Benefits

Standardize your branding

Take full control over your brand with personalized messaging and templates across multiple channels — email marketing, direct mail, SMS notifications and more.

Analyze campaign effectiveness

Keep a running client database of customizable metrics and insights within an easy-to-use platform. Communicate more effectively, and learn more.

Streamline your campaign workflows.

Targeted Communications

Target specific clients at a granular level, and tailor campaigns for more focused, relevant communication.

Success Metrics

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with user­‐defined analytics and client metrics.

Integrative Collaboration

Break down departmental silos with a collaboration-ready platform that directly integrates with your marketing tools and client data.

24/7 Job Tracking

Always know where your documents are in the workflow queue, and speed up the review process with automated notifications to stakeholders.

Auditable Workflows

Gain auditability and visibility into the entire workflow while retaining chain of custody and approval records.

Customized compliance management

Comprised of three modules, Novitex Connect is your complete management solution for targeted communications.

Marketing Communications Management

Mine valuable insights and segment your marketing communications by audience.

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Regulatory Communications Management

Collaborate on content, create and standardize templates — all while complying with specific regulations and brand standards.

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On-demand Print

Manage print production across your organization while providing visibility into what your enterprise is printing for better ROI.

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How it works.

By leveraging the three modules, we can streamline and optimize the entire document workflow, from creation to compliance to production, resulting in an improved customer experience and a stronger ROI on your communications.

Watch, download and learn.

Choose from a selection of videos and downloadable PDFs, designed to both educate and keep you informed.

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Marketing Communications Management: Solution Brief

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Communications Management: Case Study

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Leverage synergies between our solutions

As an independent provider, our integrated offerings drive maximum efficiency and savings. Recommended solutions include:

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Regulatory Communications Management

With our industry expertise, we help you navigate ever-changing regulations with our cloud-based platform and auditable workflow.

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Communications Management

Our solution is the best end-to-end, web-based workflow tool that provides an auditable trail of print, from creation to compliance to distribution.

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Off-site Print Production

At our Document Solution Centers, we offer a complete suite of print production solutions from paper to digital. We can accommodate your scanning, printing, finishing and fulfillment projects with speed and accuracy.

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Our practice leaders dive deep into your business.

Ken Bechard

Vice President and General Manager of Offsite Services

Ken Bechard, Vice President and General Manager of Offsite Services, is responsible for the development and implementation of all Connect engagements. He has a track record of designing Six Sigma solutions that improve both operational performance and financial value while establishing a management process that allows clients to adapt structure and process to match the needs of clients’ business.

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We place your team’s productivity above all.

Our white-glove service provides dedicated support, so your team can focus on productivity. As part of this service Novitex offers:

Dedicated relationship managers
Strategic business reviews
Industry and trend updates
Continuous optimization

What does your business need?

Get started with specific, actionable recommendations that address the unique challenges of your enterprise.

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