Print Optimization

Printing solutions for the modern enterprise.

We begin by examining your document workflows and then work with you to develop a print plan that addresses your challenges.

Key Benefits

Flexible delivery model

Every enterprise has different print capabilities and needs. With our methodology, we help you determine the best way to get the job done and reduce costs.

Independent advisors

We evaluate your needs across your organization and make recommendations based on how to optimize your current workflows. Unlike competitors, we work with a variety of manufacturers so our focus is on what you need, not on selling you more equipment and services.

Unique solutions to address your print needs.

Off-site Printing

Our Document Solution Centers (DSCs) and MegaCenters handle jobs ranging from statement printing to presentations, enabling you to meet deadlines without staff or equipment investments.

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Manage Your Printer Fleet

Did you know that average Fortune 500 spends 4 percent of its total revenue on costs associated with the management of its printer fleet? Our Managed Print Services (MPS) helps you control your print environment--and costs.

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On-site Printing

We develop a client-specific program consisting of the right hardware, software and trained experts to fulfill your immediate print needs at your location.

Print Sourcing

With our collaborative sourcing database, we help you find the best vendor for your next commercial print job. Learn More About our Print Sourcing Platform

Optimizing Your Print

We develop and implement a blended approach of on-site and off-site printing that provides our clients with a wealth of services at the right price point. Our Print Optimization techniques allow for a more structured workflow where utilizing the right technology can help to increase your flexibility, versatility and productivity.

Watch, download and learn.

Choose from a selection of videos and downloadable PDFs, designed to both educate and keep you informed.

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Document Solution Centers: Solution Brief

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MegaCenter: Case Study

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Leverage synergies between our solutions.

As an independent provider, our integrated offerings drive maximum efficiency and savings. Recommended solutions include:

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Managed Print Services

By implementing a MPS solution, our never-ending cycle of data, insights and optimization has the potential to make your business more efficient over time.

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On-site Staffing

Our staffing solutions offer engaged, well-trained employees who reflect your brand and integrate seamlessly into your office culture.

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Off-site Print Production

At our Document Solution Centers, we offer a complete suite of print production solutions from paper to digital. We can accommodate your scanning, printing, finishing and fulfillment projects with speed and accuracy.

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Our practice leaders dive deep into your business.

Toni DuGal

Vice President and General Manager of Facilities & Document Management Services

Toni DuGal is responsible for the development and implementation of all Managed Print Services engagements. She has more than 20 years’ experience in leading various business service teams at companies like Xerox and HP.

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We place your team’s productivity above all.

Our white-glove service provides dedicated support, so your team can focus on productivity. As part of this service Novitex offers:

Dedicated relationship managers
Strategic business reviews
Industry and trend updates
Continuous optimization

What does your business need?

Get started with specific, actionable recommendations that address the unique challenges of your enterprise.

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