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About Novitex

Novitex is a business process services provider in the document outsourcing industry managing a range of communications services including: design, production, processing, mailing and fulfillment. Through innovations in document conversion and processing that include our end-to-end framework, we work with clients to get the right information to the right person — securely — and in a timely manner. Over 400 Fortune 500 companies, government entities and AmLaw 200 firms turn to Novitex to develop custom enterprise solutions that work toward improving their information-intensive workflows. With service offerings ranging from over a dozen mail service offerings to custom communications management solutions and back office support, we are dedicated to our clients’ success.

What makes us different

Novitex’s foundation is held together by our mission, which is to drive lasting value and provide exceptional client experiences through the combination of our people, processes and innovative technology. As a non-OEM provider, we are uniquely positioned to provide clients with impartial recommendations to optimize their document workflows and can implement custom, end-to-end enterprise solutions to streamline their daily operations. We’ve made substantial investments in our own state-of-the-art technology and industry leading document conversion and processing centers so that we can facilitate a secure, cloud-enabled framework to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Most importantly, through the strategic integration of our industry expertise and unique set of solutions delivered through our proprietary Integrated Document Life Cycle™, we can help minimize operational silos within many of our clients’ businesses, creating more cost-effective, streamlined workflows.

People are our greatest asset.

Led by our executive team, Novitex promotes a culture that supports the free exchange of ideas and rewards excellence. To advance our clients’ businesses, we deliver a broad portfolio of enterprise solutions, provide lean Six Sigma processes and employ a diverse set of subject matter experts across industries and capabilities, who thread decades of experience and best practices through each solution we offer.

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From left to right:

John Visentin

Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Trost

Chief Operating Officer

Theresa Mohan

General Counsel & Chief Human Resources Officer

Anthony Dupree

Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

Michelle Tierney

Executive Vice President of Service Delivery

Bob Rooney

Chief Financial Officer

Irina Novoselsky


Creating synergies with the Integrated Document Life Cycle™.

The document outsourcing industry is oftentimes fragmented, with one provider specializing only in print and another focusing on business process automation. Novitex is the only provider with a single, end-to-end approach. Why work with several providers when you can work with one? We link our services together through our propriety Integrated Document Life Cycle™, known as the IDLC™. This framework enables us to bundle complementary services together, leveraging inherent synergies to provide end-to-end visibility of physical and digital documents as they move through every stage of development, from creation and processing to delivery and storage. With this 360 degree view, the IDLCTM pinpoints new opportunities for innovation, defining workflows that are made smarter through automation. 

Novitex offers an end-to-end, technology-based approach to business critical document workflows and information management services.

Developing enterprise solutions with best-in-class technology.

Customized, adaptive technology must meet the dynamic business and security needs of clients in highly regulated, connected industries. Because of this, Novitex has developed, acquired or licensed the technologies used throughout its business operations, consisting of patents, proprietary trade secrets, trademarks and other licensed technology components. Working cohesively with our proprietary technologies, we interface our secure, cloud-enabled infrastructure with your physical and networked operations to streamline your company’s entire document workflow.

Information & physical security controls.

With new technology comes the increased need for security. Led by our Chief Information Security Officer Anthony Dupree, our team of dedicated information security specialists are continually on the lookout for ways to improve our defense strategies to further safeguard client data. We leverage a defense in depth approach to security, which is based on the military principle that identifies and applies controls to all of the possible means by which data can be accessed. Real-time data intelligence plays a critical role in arming our team’s advanced detection and investigation efforts to prioritize alerts and quell future incidents. As an added precaution, we also work with the leading security information and event management (SIEM) firm to provide a real-time analysis of possible security threats.

Supporting clients across North America: Our geographic footprint

Novitex provides back office support solutions at over 1,200 client sites, and operates four multifunctional Document Solution Centers and two digital document processing MegaCenters, strategically located across North America. Supported by more than 7,500 on-the-ground service professionals, we have the unique ability to offer flexible delivery methods for our solutions, no matter where our clients are located.

Benefits of working with Novitex.

Realize synergies that drive greater cost efficiencies and meet your document life cycle requirements.

Reallocate Dollars to Growth Initiatives
Optimize your resources
Support compliance
Improve staff productivity & satisfaction

What does your business need?

Get started with specific, actionable recommendations that address the unique challenges of your enterprise.

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