About Novitex, Now a Part of Exela

This provider of integrated enterprise solutions has become even better – as a part of Exela Technologies

About Novitex, now a Part of Exela

Novitex has earned a reputation as a comprehensive, end-to-end document management company and a trusted corporate partner capable of providing the modern enterprise with all the solutions and services needed to intake documents, extract data, and direct the information to where it needs to flow. On the outbound side, Novitex creates and distributes best-in-class customer and corporate communications for a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer, Tech, and nearly a dozen more. We have always been and continue to be dedicated to our clients’ success.

Now, Novitex has been combined with SourceHOV – a leading provider of technology-enabled enterprise information management and transaction processing solutions – to create Exela Technologies.

As Exela, our mission is to leverage our industry-focused solutions and global workforce to give our clients a strategic advantage enabling them to launch new services faster and with peace of mind. By selecting Exela as a single source provider, our clients can focus on their business and count on us to bring continuous innovation, automation, and operational efficiency by looking at their business through a single lens.

What Makes Exela Different

Before the merger, Novitex and SourceHOV existed as powerful partners for their clients. With decades of experience, the two entities come together to form a tech-enabled powerhouse.  Combining data-driven processes, proprietary technologies and human capital, Exela works to develop streamlined, end-to-end solutions that significantly reduce cycle times and improve the quality of its client’s business outputs., Exela can help  execute a wide range of business processes, across multiple industries, that are essential to its clients’ most critical organizational workflows, and as a combined .company represents an even more powerful business process partner than Novitex or SourceHOV could be alone, Exela specializes not only in enterprise-level information management, but in transaction processing, exception, legal, and loss prevention, and other solutions needed to support the high-volume, mission-critical processes across the world's largest organizations.

It is our vision to drive lasting value and exceptional client experiences by accelerating businesses’ digital transformation through the integration of people, data-driven insights, and innovative technologies. As Exela, in addition to continued on-site support at 1,200 client facilities, we will use a global delivery model supported by 23,000+ employees to serve multi-national customers in over 50 countries. Our approximately 150 delivery centers are strategically located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia – providing our clients a newly multi-national service delivery footprint.

Exela Technologies is positioned to provide the innovative solutions, business-critical information and transaction processing platforms that enable its clients to reduce operational issues, increase enterprise efficiency levels, and ultimately, allow them to focus more on serving customers and growing their business.

People are our greatest asset.

As part of Exela, Novitex will continue to promote a culture that supports the free exchange of ideas and rewards excellence. To advance our clients’ businesses, we deliver a broad portfolio of enterprise solutions, provide lean Six Sigma processes, and employ a diverse set of subject matter experts across industries and capabilities, who thread decades of experience and best practices through each solution we offer.

Creating synergies in business processes and information management.

While as a stand-alone entity Novitex integrated Enterprise Information Management (EIM) in a revolutionary, holistic manner with the Integrated Document Life Cycle (IDLC), as part of Exela Novitex can now go even further – uniting EIM and Transaction Processing Services (TPS) to create a business process partner for enterprises across industries with a virtually unrivaled breadth of service and solution offerings.

Exela’s model is to provide integrated EIM and TPS platforms as industry solutions with reliable information workflows through data aggregation, seamless connectivity, and automated processes that significantly reduce cycle times and improve quality. Thus, we can execute a wide range of business processes that are deeply embedded in, and essential to, our clients’ most critical organizational workflows.

Exela is the partner that the modern enterprise needs to refocus their operations more exclusively on value-adding, revenue-driving actions, customer service, and growing their business

Novitex, now part of Exela, offers an end-to-end, technology-based approach to unified communication services, integrated transaction processing, and enterprise information management platforms.

Developing enterprise solutions with best-in-class technology

Exela's technology-enabled solutions allow multi-national organizations to address critical challenges resulting from the massive amounts of data obtained and created through their daily global operations. That data, and the supporting technology architecture, have become increasingly complex to manage as the volume, velocity, and variety continue to increase, requiring aggregation and integration across disparate parts of our clients' organizations.

To effectively execute transactions and manage mission-critical processes such as communications production and distribution, decisions need to be executed accurately, with rapid turn-around time, and often subject to various regulatory and compliance requirements. We believe our process expertise, information technology capabilities and operational insights enable our clients' organizations to more efficiently and effectively execute transactions, make decisions, drive revenue and profitability, and communicate critical information to their employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Keeping your information secure both physically and digitally

Today’s business environment comes with a constantly increasing and evolving need for information and cybersecurity. Our team of dedicated information security specialists are continually on the lookout for ways to improve our defensive strategies to further safeguard client data. We leverage a defense in depth approach to security, which is based on the military principle that identifies and applies controls to all the possible means by which data can be accessed. Real-time data intelligence plays a critical role in arming our team’s advanced detection and investigation efforts to prioritize alerts and quell future incidents. As an added precaution, we also work with the leading security information and event management (SIEM) firm to provide a real-time analysis of possible security threats.

Further, on an annual basis Exela will obtain appropriate third-party audits in accordance with Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements no. 16 (SSAE 16) put forth by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

With new technology comes the increased need for security – a need that Exela is ready and able to meet.

Supporting clients Around the Globe: Our geographic footprint

As part of Exela the already robust service delivery footprint that Novitex was able to provide has expanded to a truly global one – enabling us to support our clients across borders. We believe that our now global presence benefits our clients with a balance of proximity, service, and cost to meet their needs. Exela uses a global delivery model to serve multi-national customers in over 50 countries, where we provide services from a network of over 1,250 onsite client facilities and approximately 150 delivery centers, strategically located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We believe our global delivery model uniquely positions us to offer multi-lingual capabilities, optimize logistical requirements, provide? access to a large employee pool and a flexible "right-shoring" solution for our clients.

Benefits of working with Novitex.

Realize synergies that drive greater cost efficiencies and meet your document life cycle requirements.

Reallocate Dollars to Growth Initiatives
Optimize your resources
Support compliance
Improve staff productivity & satisfaction

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